The first 110 million superstars made history, and Ronaldo set 4 records

OKBet sports on September 16, the second round of the UEFA Champions League group stage was completed, and the second round of the Europa League group stage relay began. Manchester United, who participated in the Champions League last season, suffered a bad start in the Europa League and lost 0-1 to Real Betis in the first round; Roma, who participated in the UEFA League last season and won the first European championship, also suffered a bad start in the Europa League. Lost to Ludogorets in the round 1-2. Now in the second round, Roma and Manchester United, who are still European champions, both rebounded and won their first European victory this season. Roma defeated Helsinki 3-0 and Manchester United defeated Tiraspol 2-0. sheriff.


Roma coach Mourinho boldly rotates the lineup, making new aid Belotti as the starting center, Zaniolo returns to the starting lineup, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Matic, Christensen, Iba Nies, Gianluca-Mancini, Vigna, Spinazzola, Karlsdorp, Patricio also started, and Abraham and Dybala, Smalling and others came on the bench.


The game completely entered the rhythm of Rome, the ball possession rate reached 68%, 29 shots were scored, 10 shots were scored and 3 goals were scored. Helsinki had no ability to resist. In the first 14 minutes, they played one less person. Belotti was sent off with a red card. Helsinki only had 4 shots on target and 0 shots on target, and it was considered lucky to be poured 3 goals.

Dybala, a superstar who was worth 110 million euros during the Juventus period, continued to break out. He made history and scored in 69 seconds from the bench, becoming the fastest scoring player in the history of the Roman team. In the 46th minute of the game, Pellegrini scored Assists Dybala, who just played, finished the goal, and Roma led 1-0 smoothly; in the 48th minute of the game, Zaniolo assisted Pellegrini to score, Roma 2-0; in the 67th minute of the game, Zaniolo made a bottom In the cross, Belotti scored and scored his first goal since joining Roma. Roma won 3-0.


After the game, Mourinho was still not satisfied with the team's performance and believed that his ability to seize opportunities was still poor, but he was satisfied with the existing attacking group, as long as Zaniolo, Dybala, Belotti and Abraham remained healthy. , Rome's strength will be transformed again after the run-in is in place. Roma currently ranks second in the group with 1 win, 1 loss and 3 points, and Real Betis leads the standings with 2 consecutive victories.


It was not easy for Manchester United to win this round. Sheriff Tiraspol played very tenaciously. Although the ball possession rate was only 32%, the shooting comparison with Manchester United reached 11-8, and the shooting comparison was 2-4. The poor ability to grasp the opportunity was zero seal, and Manchester United played the star value. In the 16th minute of the game, the talented young star Sancho took the ball in the penalty area and faced a double-team of four and chose to score directly. Manchester United led 1-0; in the 38th minute of the game, Dalot reached the penalty area and was brought down, the referee A penalty kick was awarded. Ronaldo made a penalty kick and scored the first goal of the season. Manchester United won 2-0.

After the win, Manchester United also ranked second in the group with 1 win and 1 loss, and Real Sociedad ranked first in the standings with 2 consecutive victories. Cristiano Ronaldo broke 4 records in this campaign. First, the number of goals in the European war reached 144 goals, including 141 goals in the Champions League, 1 goal in the Europa League, and 2 goals in the European Super Cup; second, Ronaldo scored 21 consecutive seasons On behalf of the club to complete the goal; third, Cristiano Ronaldo's career official game completed 815 goals; fourth, the club's total goals reached 699 goals, and one goal was left to reach the 700-goal milestone.

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