Neymar had asked Barca to set up an office in Brazil and take a 20% commission on its own


Spain's Le Monde newspaper continued to expose Barca's insider information, according to the newspaper's information, Neymar had asked Barca to open a commercial office in Brazil when playing for Barca, and he asked for a 20% commission from each business.

Neymar has been putting pressure on Barca for the project, and in February 2017, he even drafted a contract text.

However, Barca are not very receptive to this, and they are worried that it will bring legal problems to the club. During Roselle's time, Neymar earned income through a number of contracts, but the tax authorities thought he was evading taxes.

The Barça club's legal department eventually rejected Neymar's request and Barca started its business through its own studio in Brazil. Later, with Neymar's transfer to Paris, the matter was also resolved.

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