Harvey: Conde can't get on irritates me, Levan is a natural leader


In this round of La Liga, Barca won 4-1 away to Real Sociedad. Barca manager Xavi said that Barca won in a stadium that is always difficult to win, and the team played very calmly and well in the opponent's half. This win has strengthened Barca's confidence. Last week's draw was a blow, but the most important thing is to persevere, and today Barca played better.

Xavi's only regret is not being able to use Conde, the Frenchman is still not registered and Xavi said, "It annoys me that Conde still can't play."

Harvey said it is important to avoid nerves to win, "It's still August, but there seems to be some nerves. We have to be orderly and control the ball. It is necessary to be intelligent and not to be impatient. In the second half, we were patient. I'm happy that the three points show us that the team is on the right track."

On the three-back formation, Xavi said, "They played a diamond formation and we had one more defender. We tried to open up the pitch and I put two fullbacks so that it was difficult for their Silva to move around. We tried to take away the ball from Real Sociedad, the team had tactical changes and we were very good in both 3-4-3 and 4-3-3. The team played more bravely after failing to get the first game, and that worked well for us."

On the substitute appearances of Ansou and Rafinha, the coach said, "We had to take risks and the result was good."

Xavi praised Levan: "He is an example of someone who shows us something through his experience, you have to see how he occupies space, he is a natural leader."

For the transfer market, Xavi avoided criticizing those players Barca failed to clean out, "Conde failed to register me I'm annoyed, not that there are players who don't want to leave, everyone is looking after their own interests."

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