Former Manchester United player: C Luo is very decent never destroyed the team


Former Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster believes that Crow will not sabotage the team and half of the news about Manchester United is fake news.

Foster believes that Crow has never been a problem off the pitch, rather, Crow is a very decent person and Crow has never sabotaged the team.

Foster said he would never say a bad word about Crosby. Everyone knows that Crosby is very professional and that he has done everything right, before and now.

Foster said that unlike Scholes, who doesn't communicate with people after a game, Crosby will communicate with his teammates, joke around and mingle with everyone. He won't destroy the team, he won't divide the team.

For the rumors about Manchester United and Crosby, Foster said half of the news is false and many media make up fake news because some people like to read it.

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