Wijnaldum suffered a serious injury just after joining Roma and said goodbye to this year's competition ahead of schedule


On Monday, a bad news came out from Roma club, the team's recently introduced foreigner Wijnaldum suffered a serious injury after fracturing his right tibia in training.

It is reported that Wijnaldum and his teammate Gyan Jr. collided in training, and after detailed tests by Roma's team doctor, it was finally determined that the right leg tibia was fractured.

Wijnaldum is Mourinho's longed-for midfielder, and his serious injury is a major blow to Roma.

Roma officials did not reveal the exact extent of Wijnaldum's injury, but according to reports, Wijnaldum will miss at least four to six months, has said goodbye to this year's competition early, will miss half of the season, and will not be able to participate in the World Cup.

Wijnaldum will undergo surgery on Monday in a bid to make a comeback in the second half of the season. Mou will work with Roma FC to assess whether it is necessary to bring in a midfielder to fill the vacancy in the last days before the window closes.

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